Paradise Bakery Letter

Marc J. Zeitlin
P.O. Box 1103
Mojave, CA 93502
July 3, 2006

Mr. Dan Patterson, President
Bakery and Cafe
500 West Main Street
Aspen, CO 81611

Re:    Sky Harbor Airport Paradise Bakery issue on July 2, 2006

Dear Mr. Patterson:

While waiting for a connecting flight at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport on July 2nd, 2006, we were recommended your establishment by one of the TSA security folks. The menu looked good and the food fresh, so my wife and I ordered a couple of sandwiches, an iced tea, and a “fresh squeezed Orange Juice”. The employees were very friendly, courteous, and helpful, and the food was, in fact, very good and tasty. We were surprised by the chocolate chip cookie that we got with each sandwich (also very good).

There’s just one small issue. The display board claimed that you were selling “fresh squeezed orange juice”, and the “fresh squeezed” portion of that advertisement is what prompted me to order it. In every case where I had previously (over the 40 years of my life that I can remember) ordered “fresh squeezed orange juice” I had watched as someone had taken fresh oranges and squeezed/crushed them in a device which derived juice from them and delivered it into a glass/cup. In this case, however, the PB employee pulled a plastic container out of a refrigerator. This plastic container had a label on it stating that the orange juice had been manufactured by the “Sun Orchard” company, and that it was pasteurized (no date indicated to determine freshness).

Mr. Patterson, you CANNOT call pasteurized OJ in a plastic container “fresh squeezed”, any more than Tropicana can call their OJ in cardboard cartons that they sell in supermarkets “fresh squeezed”. This is false advertising, and is extremely misleading. Don’t get me wrong – the OJ is good – better than Tropicana, but it’s NOT “fresh squeezed”.

Please let me know how you are going to correct this one small flaw in an otherwise positive experience. Thank you.


Marc J. Zeitlin

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