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  1. Eliminate all shipment stopping mechanical issues on ANR (Active Noise Reduction) headset
  2. Assist MFG in creating appropriate processes for producing headsets
  3. Perform redesign of critical parts for FAA TSO approval
  4. Oversee testing of redesigned parts
  5. Deal with myriad day to day design and MFG emergencies


  1. Learn SDRC Ideas CAD software - three modules
  2. Assist in determining CAD direction of NRT (Noise Reduction Technology) Group


Well, this job has not exactly turned out to entail what my boss and I thought it would. Although I've spent the last 9 months working on the latest aviation headset, the business model (and hence the future) of the NRT group has changed directions somewhat. The need for my talents (such as they are) may not match with those of the NRTG in the long term.  We'll just have to see what happens.

As of July 30, 1999 I no longer work for Bose.  I have gone back to Agilent Technologies to design defibrillators.

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