Last Updated: September 6, 1995

Here's the PERFECT explanation, provided by Dave Wells of Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Bristol, England.

>	frantic petals whisper languid sweat

The sexual act: alternately frantic/languid, sweaty, furtive. The Freudian genital analogue is blatant but not out of place in this tumble of passionate honesty.

>	boil the sausage goddess please

Getting down to more earthy language as we approach resolution. Missing out the commas before and after "goddess" makes for an interesting "who is doing what to whom" ambiguity traditional in more sophisticated depictions of human sexuality. Sausage-boiling: an unusual and frankly violent analogy also perhaps suggesting empty but irresistable repetition (c.f. "sausage machine"). D.H. Lawrence would have been envious.

>	always elaborate diamond shadow

The mood changes abruptly. Post coitum omne animal triste. "Always": the keyword of regret. Always a shadow. An elaborate shadow. Diamond-edged: unmistakable. Cast by what over whom? We are left to guess. Does one of the partners feel enslaved by his or her desire? Or by the other partner? Or is there an unseen third player? There is, perhaps, always something...

>	worship delicate beauty

A perfect resolution. All the anxiety evaporates before the delicate beauty of the goddess. Too perfect to be convincing?

Sexuality, religion, beauty, junk food and the search for truth. All human life, contained within these five simple lines. A masterpiece.

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