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First Things First:

Since one of the things that I gave away was my car (a 1992 Mazda MX-3, given to the American Cancer Society), we needed to get a second car once we arrived. We had a rental car for the first week here (September 1st to September 7th), since the Subaru wasn't due to arrive from the shipper until the 6th. On the 7th, we returned the rental and then on Saturday, September 10th, we headed down to Santa Monica to see an Audi TT Roadster Quattro.  I surprised Deanie by telling her that I was going to get her a TT, since she had let me move us to California so that I could take this job.  She had her eye on a TT for six years, but never thought she'd actually get one.

Here are a few pictures of Deanie with the new car - click on them to see the full size version.

Here's Deanie's new Audi TT Roadster Quattro

This is easily the nicest car either one of us has ever owned.

Deanie at the wheel

This car is really immaculate, even with 29K miles and 5 years on it.

Deanie standing next to the car in the Lancaster apartment parking lot

Audi interior - it's as nice as the exterior

And the doors work, too

So as of September 15th, I've started work and am close to completing my second week. The people are great, and whatever project I end up working on will be fine, as they all look interesting. I took some pictures on the drive up from Lancaster to Mojave on Route 14, as well as from the ramp out in front of the Scaled Hangar(s) and arranged a panoramic view of the area to the north of Mojave Airport. Click on them to see the full size version.

Just after sunrise, just north of Rosamond (I think)

A few minutes after sunrise, looking to the northwest

Panorama from the Scaled Ramp, looking north


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