I stopped working at the end of July, and we spent the month of August throwing things away, giving things away, and preparing for the big move.  I broke up furniture we had been storing in the basement, took apart benches, gave away a couch, cut up a bunch of wood, and paid a trach company $300 bucks to take it all away. We gave away all our plants (just TRY moving a plant across country if you don't take it with you in a car).

Here's a picture of the house we were leaving in Acton, MA.  We were the original owners - it had been built 7 years before for us (in a development of new houses).  Deanie had spent a lot of time and energy customizing it, so it was difficult for her to leave.

All of our stuff would go into storage in MA until we found permanent residence somewhere near (but not in) Mojave (which, to tell you the truth, substantially resembles a truck stop gone bad).  We arranged to rent a furnished apartment in Lancaster, CA for the month of September, and then we hoped to move into a furnished apartment in Tehachapi, which is the town we think we'd like to settle in.

On August 22nd, the car carrier came to take away the Subaru. We had loaded it up with all my tools, and bags of clothing that we'd need in CA while most of our stuff was in CA. We picked up a rental car to use until we left.

On August 24th, the movers finished packing up the trucks, we finished packing up the stuff we'd need for a couple of months and left. You can read about our trip (via car, my COZY aircraft, and commercial flight) from Acton to Lancaster, CA via Syracuse, NY at my "Go West Trip" web page.


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